The following are sites that aim to help Children to get into programming:

  • scratch
    This is a website where kids can play little games (available in 40 languages) and then click the ‘See inside’ button to see the code behind the game in a kid friendly way. It’s a great way to get kids to see code and learn not just programming, but the concepts of open source.
  • Alice
    This site uses a story telling type of learning to program. For some reason boys don’t seem to like Alice very much (they’re not really sure why since the kids can use aliens and spaceships in their stories). Using Alice you can drag and drop objects in to your scene/story and when you do it pops up windows where you enter properties for the items. Once you have your scene set up you can edit the code by clicking on the object (your alien for example), but the edit screen is not your standard ‘code’ view, instead it’s friendly to kids by giving them pull down menus of actions
  • Mindstorms
    walks kids through creating a robot and programming the “brain.” Mindstorms is great for kids age 8 and up.
  • Sagan
    you can simulate the Mars rover. It comes with three Mars landscapes and you program your rover to move around. It even has conversion tools so you can load it in to a Mindstorms robot (and others).